Go Shasta Regional Active Transportation Plan

What is the Go Shasta Regional Active Transportation Plan?

The GoShasta Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is a plan for improving walking and bicycling conditions in the Shasta region. The plan identifies proposed walkways and bikeways throughout the Shasta region, high quality “Trunk Line” facilities between communities and activity centers (see Trunk Line Concept Map), action policies for building these facilities, and programmatic support to increase biking and walking mode share. The proposed regional network connects local jurisdictions’ active transportation networks, including the City of Redding’s network as identified in the City of Redding Active Transportation Plan. The GoShasta Regional ATP will be utilized by the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency, local agencies, and other partners to seek funding for projects identified in the plan.

How could we improve walking and biking in Shasta County?

In addition to the proposed Regional Trunk Line Network, SRTS staff and stakeholders worked together to draft proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities for towns and communities throughout the Shasta region. Check out the links below to see maps of the proposed improvements!

Proposed Bicycle Improvements

Proposed Pedestrian Improvements

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The plan is funded by a grant awarded to the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency from California’s Active Transportation Program.