City of Redding Active Transportation Plan

What is the City of Redding Active Transportation Plan?

The City of Redding Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is a plan for improving walking and bicycling conditions within the City of Redding to align with a set of goals, actions, and indicators of success (DRAFT as of October 6, 2017). The plan identifies proposed walkways and bikeways within the city limits, including connections to the regional networks identified in the GoShasta Regional Active Transportation Plan. The City of Redding ATP will be utilized by the City of Redding to seek funding for projects identified in the plan.

The City of Redding has developed goals and actions for improving walking and biking based on public input received. The goals and actions are near-term focused (i.e., what the city believes it can accomplish within the next 3 to 5 years). In 5 years, when the Active Transportation Plan is updated,  the Goals and Actions will be revisited.

How is Redding connected to the region?

Regional Trunk Lines are the major transportation routes between the cities and communities throughout the Shasta region, including the City of Redding. To develop the City of Redding Active Transportation Network, we assessed how the Regional Trunk Lines could be integrated within the city, using existing streets or future facilities (e.g, parallel off-street trails). Next, existing and future key destinations within the city were identified (i.e., commercial/civic areas and other major areas), including connections to, from, and within these destinations. Finally, we developed a citywide Active Transportation Network (see links below), recognizing that all parts of the city should be served with walking and biking infrastructure .

What could the streets of Redding look like?

The following maps show the draft recommended bicycle and pedestrian network for the City of Redding:

Note that the draft recommended bicycle network could include enhanced bicycle facilities, should conditions allow. Please see “Bicycle Facility Definitions” for a visual depiction of the various bicycle facility types

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The plan is funded by a grant awarded to the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency from California’s Active Transportation Program.